SPS Will Be Full Distance 12/21/2020- 1/18/2021

Superintendent Dr. Lucero announced that all Stamford Public Schools will be going into the Full Distance Learning Model beginning Monday, December 21st with an anticipated return to the Hybrid Model on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021. Please read her entire message to find out more. 


11/16: Please Watch Dr. Marinello’s Latest Message to Northeast Families

Please take a minute to watch Dr. Marinello’s latest video message to our Northeast Community.


A Reminder for Pick-Up & Drop-Off– Please Wear A Mask in your Car

As a reminder, if you are picking up your child at car rider dismissal, please make sure you have a sign in the car that indicates the students being picked up and the grade level they are in. When you pull up to the top lot, please make sure the sign is visible so Northeast staff can read the names and call to the gym to have your child come up for dismissal.

Also, it is very important that any person who is picking up the child has a mask on. We are finding that some families are coming out of their cars without a mask on; and/or are saying their child’s name to staff without a mask on with their window down. In order to keep all students and staff healthy and safe, we ask that you wear your mask during the dismissal time. We appreciate your support in following these procedures. Thank you!


Look at the New Sensory Pathway — Thanks to All Who Helped!

Next time you pick up your kid at school, look down at the amazing Sensory Pathway decorating the blacktop! Thanks to all the Northeast teachers, parents, students and alumni who came out this past weekend to create our new obstacle course on the blacktop. We’re still putting on the finishing touches, but the kids can start enjoying the pathway this week. Look at what we can do together!!

Dr. Marinello’s Reminder Regarding Out-Of-State Travel and COVID Precautions

As the holidays approach, Northeast families may be planning travel to see family or may be planning to host family from out-of-town. Please take a minute to review Dr. Marinello’s reminder of the Connecticut’s executive order regarding travel. It is important to remember that you or your family members may need to quarantine before returning to school. It takes all of us to keep our community healthy & safe. Thanks!


Watch Dr. Marinello’s Latest Message to the Northeast Community from 10/23

Please take a moment to watch Dr. Marinello’s latest video message (in English & Spanish) to the Northeast Community. The video includes info on mask-wearing, the importance of online attendance on at-home days, pick-up & drop-off protocols, and details on Halloween celebrations at school. Contact Dr. Marinello with any questions.


Please Read Superintendent Dr. Lucero’s Latest Message from 10/23


Please take a minute to read the latest from SPS Superintendent Dr. Lucero regarding our schools, the hybrid & full-distance models, and more.

SPS Staff and Families,
Thank you to teachers, staff, families and students who have worked hard in the first six weeks to re-enter our school buildings with a clear focus on the health and safety of our students and one another.  The willingness of our school communities to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene, as well as to wear face coverings properly, is commendable.
Our staff members continue to provide quality instruction and social emotional support to all students, regardless of whether they are participating in the Hybrid model or our Distance Teaching and Learning Academy. As we consider regular guidance from the Stamford Department of Health, as well as the infection rates reported weekly by the Department of Public Health, it is clear that remaining in the Hybrid model is the most appropriate for our district at this time.
We are committed, as a district, to increase student and staff engagement on our at-home learning days. We plan to achieve this goal by increasing the use of live-streaming, interactive programs, small-group and individualized virtual instruction, and the use of pre-recorded lessons. Not only will this provide a better learning opportunity for our students, but it will also help the district prepare for an unexpected change of schedule. As you know, some of our surrounding districts have had to close a building temporarily due to a COVID-19 outbreak. We too, should be prepared, at a moment’s notice, to temporarily switch to remote instruction in a specific building, or across the district, for a day or longer, as the situation may warrant. An added benefit to this type of preparedness is the state’s recent decision to allow districts to utilize at-home learning, in lieu of taking an inclement weather day, when weather would otherwise make it unsafe to open school buildings.
In the end, our ultimate objective is for our school communities to work together to develop schedules and clear guidelines that consider the age, grade and content areas for at-home learning days.  I know that if we work together, provide regular professional development, training, flexibility, and support to families, teachers, staff, community partners, and administrators, we will continually improve upon the learning experience for both our Hybrid model and Distance Teaching and Learning Academy students in Stamford.
Thank you, in advance, for your partnership and continued patience, while we embark on this next phase of our journey.  I believe, when we look back at this health crisis and all we were able to accomplish in our district in spite of the many challenges, we will all be proud.
Stay safe and healthy!
Dr. Tamu Lucero
Superintendent of Schools

Volunteer To Be A Room Parent!

The Northeast PTO is looking for a caregiver from each classroom to serve as a “Room Parent” for the school year. While there will be no in-school activities for parents this year, the Room Parent can help distribute information from the PTO and classroom teacher to families in the classroom.

If you are interested in serving as your class’s Room Parent for 2020-2021, please reach out to Christine Nanos. Thank you!


SPS Procedures for Cold & Flu Season during the Pandemic

With the onset of the traditional cold & flu season and the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Superintendent Dr. Lucero has clarified procedures families should follow if their child is not feeling well. Dr. Lucero explains

“As the cold, flu and allergy season is upon us, it is important to reiterate what you should do if you or your child has only one of the key COVID-19 symptoms, such as a cough. Please contact your primary care doctor to determine if the symptom can be attributed to an alternate diagnosis, such as a common cold or allergies. Your doctor will determine the appropriate care and whether it is appropriate to attend school. The medical provider should document the alternative diagnosis with a note that can be provided to the school nurse. However, remember, if a member of staff or a child has been exposed to, or diagnosed with COVID-19, please report this to your school nurse.”

You can read her complete statement on the SPS website.


9/24: Latest Message from Superintendent Dr. Lucero Offers Reminders on Health & Safety Protocols and Link to SPS COVID-19 Dashboard

Please take a moment to read SPS Superintendent Dr. Lucero’s latest message to the SPS community and bookmark the SPS COVID-19 Dashboard for up-to-date info on COVID-19 cases in our public schools.

Hello Everyone,
Thank you all again for everything you are doing to keep Stamford students and staff safe.  I am pleased to say that members of our school communities are remaining home when sick, getting tested, and reporting contacts and positive cases of COVID-19 as required.
We need to continue to remember the following:
  1. If you are a close contact, you should self-quarantine immediately, contact your doctor or a health professional, and notify the school nurse and principal immediately.
  2. If you, or a member of your household, receive a positive COVID-19 test result over the weekend or in the evening, please email the principal immediately, do not wait until Monday or the morning.
  3. There are times when a staff member or a student is considered a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 as the result of an experience outside of school. Of course they will be required to quarantine for up to 14 days. However, in these cases, that person’s need to quarantine does not necessarily impact the school community. Remember, a contact of a contact is not a close contact.
  4. If you are required to quarantine, it is important that you remain at home until cleared to return to school by a medical professional.
  5. Please continue to wear your mask at all times, except for mask breaks and while eating lunch.
  6. Remember to socially distance yourself from others at all times, you must maintain at least 6 feet from others (even when you are outside) to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  7. If you travel outside of Connecticut, please follow the Governor’s Executive Order No. 9C that may require you to self-quarantine for up to 14 days. You can get the most up-to-date information on the Travel Advisory for Connecticut here.
In an effort to continue to provide transparent, accurate, and timely updates and information, SPS has created a COVID-19 Dashboard that will be housed and updated on the SPS COVID-19 Reopening Information webpage.
The Dashboard will be updated weekly with the following data:
  1. Number of Positive Cases
  2. Number in Quarantine
  3. Number of SPS schools affected.
We remain committed to ensuring that health and safety are at the forefront of our decision-making.  Please continue to complete your COVID-19 Daily Family and Staff Checklist each day before coming to school. If you have any of the symptoms on the checklist, please remain at home and contact your medical provider.
Please note that we are entering the cold and flu season. I encourage staff, families and nurses to err on the side of caution when determining if a member of the school community should return to school or remain home when exhibiting flu, cold or COVID-19-like symptoms.

Thank you again for playing your part in reducing the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 in Stamford.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Dr. Tamu Lucero

Superintendent of Schools