Help Design Our New School Mascot!

Last school year, members of the Northeast Climate Committee focused on ways to enhance our school community. It was decided that our school could benefit from enhanced school spirit. To that end, the Climate Committee is inviting all members of our community to help us design a new school mascot– the STAR! Our new mascot should reflect our core beliefs of kindness, community, and respect with a new Positive Behavior Intervention System.

Contest begins December 2nd and will run until December 20th. Application templates can be found in the Main Office or design your own on a 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper. Please incorporate our school colors– blue & yellow– and include your name and homeroom on the back of your design. Submit all designs to your teacher. The top three designs will be chosen by the Climate Committee and the entire school will vote for the winning design & mascot after the holiday break. Once selected, the school will community will vote on our new mascot’s name.

Find out more and contact the Main Office (203.977.4469) with any questions. Get creative!!