GreenWorks Recycling Lunchroom Comes to Northeast

Northeast’s GreenWorks Team is helping to make our school more sustainable. In addition to promoting the basics of “reduce, reuse, & recycle,” GreenWorks is also aiming to make our students kinder, more caring, and less wasteful citizens within our school community and beyond. At school, this means that there will not only be recycling in the classroom, but also in the cafeteria. In addition to teaching less wastefulness, a new program to reclaim unopened cafeteria food will begin. Rescued food will be collected, refrigerated, and distributed weekly to our 1 in 7 food-insecure students and their families.

GreenWorks needs YOUR help. Kids & teachers will need to learn our new recycling practices– what goes in what bin and where to donate unopened food packages. Please consider signing up to help for some or all of a lunch period. Ideally, we need 2-3 parents per lunch period to help turn our new greener practices into habits. We also need donations of reusable tote bags to transport rescued food home to students’ families. Contact Alicia Teitelbaum or Maya Noren if you have extra bags or any questions. THANKS!