For Students: Meet Mr. Gordon!

93_finThe start of a school year is always exciting. But this year, Northeast families have an extra reason to look forward to getting back to school: meeting our brand-new principal! Mr. Gordon comes to Northeast after working as a teacher and administrator at the International Community School of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Prior to that, he was a teacher and administrator in the New York City public schools.

The PTO asked Mr. Gordon a few questions so that Northeast students (and parents) can start to get to know him. He was gracious enough to take time out of prepping for the school year to share his responses with the Northeast community.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Northeast School so far? 103_fin

A: The people! Everyone has been so welcoming and the school has a great community feeling.

What is your number-one goal as principal?

To help each and every person I meet to become better then they were when I met them.

You have a background in teaching; what has been your favorite subject or lesson to teach?

I really enjoy teaching writing, and my favorite lessons are the ones when I’m teaching essay and personal narrative. I like a unit called the Explorers Project. In this unit, students write personal narratives from the perspective of the first explorers to come to America.

You lived abroad for many years and traveled widely. What has been your favorite place to travel to?

I loved Thailand because there was a balance between the old world and the new. The palace in Bangkok was amazing and the people were kind and friendly.

Here’s a very important question: What is your favorite treat?

I love warm brownies, covered in whipped cream and topped with vanilla ice cream.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I read when I have time or I spend time with my kids.

What’s your favorite book (or children’s book)?

My favorite book is Night by Elie Wiesel. I love nonfiction! My favorite children’s book is a hard one. I’m torn between Ish by Peter Reynolds and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

What’s on your iTunes playlist these days?

I try to keep up with the times by listening to my kids’ playlists. I like current artists like Ariana Grande, John Legend, Lorde, Justin Timberlake and Magic!

What is your favorite sport?

I love tennis and basketball. They are great sports to watch and play.

Who is your hero?

When I was a kid my doctor asked me this question and I told him my father. I think that’s even more true today, because he has done so many great things that I admire. I think that fathers and mothers are our everyday heroes and that’s why we should honor them.


Parents and Guardians: Be sure to check out the Stamford Advocate’s article about Mr. Gordon.